Requiem for a Sandwich

March 6, 2008 at 1:03 pm (food, restaurants, san francisco, sandwich)

Arlequin (a cafe in Hayes Valley) had these amazing grilled sandwiches with pear, bacon, and cheddar. I would often stop by before going to see a performance at the symphony or the opera or the ballet. This great combination of ingredients, flavors, and textures was an enjoyable surprise each time I had it. But recently, I haven’t been able to go. I’ve been in the neighborhood a number of times recently, but I thought that I couldn’t afford that extra bit of time to stop in for a sandwich. I finally went there a week ago with only one goal – to get this sandwich. They had done some lovely remodeling and reworking of the space. But my favorite sandwich was no longer on their menu. I was so heartbroken.

Enjoy those “pear, bacon, and cheddar grilled sandwiches” while they’re on the menu. Don’t put it off until another day because they may not be around. My sadness was probably exacerbated by my bittersweet feelings about graduating and leaving my beloved city. I have a list of new restaurants and old favorites that I want to make sure to hit before I move and I had budgeted a year to do that. But maybe a year’s not enough if they take these delicious items off of the menu!

I probably should have gone and ordered the sandwich as often as possible. If they thought they had more customers for the sandwich (even if it was me over and over again), maybe they would have left it on the menu! I could have both saved the sandwich and eaten it multiple times! What a tragedy!

Actually, don’t feel so bad for me. It’s such a simple sandwich, I can easily make it myself. In fact, there’s a recipe online. I’m not sure that one needs a recipe to make this sandwich, but Elise at Simply Recipes has interesting stuff to say about this sandwich.

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