For people who like eye candy. And eye cupcakes.

March 16, 2008 at 7:19 pm (food)

These are photos of cupcakes that I made for our end-of-season volleyball celebration. It’s too bad that we didn’t win the championship this season because then maybe the cupcakes would be have been even more delicious. These 2nd place cupcakes have a light and fluffy cake (no egg yolks, only egg whites) filled with raspberry whipped cream and topped with raspberry chocolate ganache and a fresh raspberry.

This is how they were filled. I wound up with a happy belly filled with cupcake middles.


Here’s what they look like after they were assembled. I’m going to make more cupcakes with ganache on top. Why?

  1. Easy to make (heat cream and mix with chopped chocolate)
  2. Easy to decorate (no piping needed)
  3. You don’t wind up with a huge pile of frosting on top of your cupcake (I like a high cake to frosting ratio)
  4. It’s really tasty!

raspbery ganache cupcakes

Hoooooo! Next season, we’ll have a better outcome in the playoffs and we’ll have tastier cupcakes!



  1. Isabella said,

    Those are some really beautiful pictures! Could you make cupcakes for me sometime =)

  2. babblingblueberry said,

    Maybe we can have Bay to Breakers training celebration cupcakes! Or Bay to Breakers completion cupcakes!

  3. Cecilia said,

    i like when you post pictures ^_^

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