If I had $200 for ingredients and tools for a reality tv cooking competition…

March 19, 2008 at 8:38 pm (food)

As I’m getting ready for tonight’s Top Chef episode, I’ll write up a post that I’ve been meaning to write since last week’s episode. This season, they’re allowing the “cheftestants” to bring and use $200 worth of ingredients and tools. I don’t think the items on my list would cost $200, but here’s what I’d bring:

sourdough starter – I don’t have any starter going, but I’d have some if I were a serious chef and it would make awesome bread and I’d have to bring it with me. I wonder if any of the SF chefs brought that. People don’t really make bread on this show, probably because of the time constraints. But when they do have time they should make bread. Or they should be given more time so that they can do things that take a little bit more time.

Mortar and Pestle, Thai...

mortar and pestle – I’m talking about my big granite Thai mortar and pestle. Squishing and pounding gets more flavors out than slicing things with a food processor blade. Plus, I think it would be really intimidating to be pounding away while other chefs are cooking. One time when I was pounding away in my kitchen, the people who live upstairs came down to see what was going on and to make sure everything and everybody was okay. Or maybe they were just annoyed and came down to passively aggressively get me to stop.


sticky rice steamer – Another Thai tool. Everyone loves sticky rice and this is a great tool for steaming the rice so it’s all evenly sticky and delicious.

hazelnut paste – Ground hazelnuts and sugar. Yum! Even if I didn’t use it in the dishes that I cooked, I’d sneak little tastes to keep myself sane and energized.

By the way, so far, I’m rooting for Jennifer from SF and Stephanie!


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