Question about sharing reviews…

March 27, 2008 at 6:17 pm (restaurants, review)

I often have to wait a long time at some of my favorite restaurants. But I have also been recommending my favorite restaurants in pretty public ways, like on this blog. Should I stop publishing my recommendations for my favorite restaurants because that will lead to longer wait times for me? Or maybe I should continue making these recommendations to help keep these restaurants in business and available to me. Or maybe I should monitor how long I have to wait at a restaurant and use that to decide whether I publish a review.

Of course, this assumes that my reviews are being read and actually have a significant impact on how many people go to restaurants.

Then again, just yesterday, some people (a friend of mine has passed along my reviews to them; I had never met them before) said that they “worship the ground that I walk on” because they ate at a place that I had suggested. But then again, they were from DC, so maybe it’s not that hard to recommend SF restaurants that will please them?  It just has to be better than restaurants in DC?



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