Fair trade ice cream

April 10, 2008 at 10:15 am (books, food, ice cream, review)

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I made a deal with Christina. I would borrow her copy of The Perfect Scoop. And in exchange, I would share ice cream that I made with her. This works out for both of us because she doesn’t have an ice cream machine and I didn’t have a good ice cream recipe book. But now, we will both have yummy ice cream.

I’ll write another post about the most recent ice cream that I made, but first, I want to talk about the book.

(cover image from http://www.davidlebovitz.com/)

I regularly read and enjoy the blog written by the author of The Perfect Scoop, David Lebovitz. I figured that I’d also enjoy the book. It has a good and thorough introduction, especially if you haven’t made ice cream before. I wish there were a few more notes about the science, but then again, there are other good resources for that (probably McGee, but I can’t check because I’m in Cleveland and my copy is at home). The biggest benefit of the book is the list of yummy and creative flavor ideas. At first, I thought that I could get by without having my own copy of the book because the recipes are pretty standard (ratios of ingredients, technique for making custard). And that I could just get inspired by looking at the list of flavors. But in looking more closely at the recipes, it’s nice to have techniques and tips for some of the funkier ingredients (lavender, ginger) and it’s useful for getting a sense of how much fruit or chocolate or sugar is needed for a particular flavor without having to do a lot of experimentation first. I also like to make my own flavors (for an example, see the post that will be coming soon!), and I found it really easy to mix and match and modify recipes in the book. So it’s really good for beginners who want to follow easy steps to get delicious ice cream and it’s really good for people who are looking for more of a reference to support their crazy ice cream whims.

I also want to note that there’s a photo of coconut ice cream swirled with mango sorbet. Does this sound familiar? I submitted my ice cream flavor to the Haagen Dazs contest in January of 2007 and this book was published in May 2007. I am not suggesting that David Lebovitz borrowed my flavor (but if he did, I don’t mind because copying is the highest, sincerest form of flattery), just that great minds think alike… yes?


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