Hola! I’m in Mexico.

May 5, 2008 at 7:18 pm (international, travel)

But unless you forgot about going through through immigration and customs for Estados Unidos Mexicanos, one wouldn’t really know it. Actually, you might have an inkling because everyone says “Hola” instead of “Hello” before continuing to speak in English. But not much more than an inkling.  I don’t think I’m getting an authentic Mexican experience at this all-inclusive resort place. I’m here for a conference. You might think, how lucky! Maybe. My forearms and hands are itchy from the mosquito bites that I got! The jury’s still out. At least this particular jury member.

The resort looks like the community center at Mission Bay. So that’s even more reason why it feels like home. Take a look for yourself:

Community Center at Mission Bay:


Presidente Intercontinental Resort:

El Presidente Intercontinental, San Jose del CaboPresidente Intercontinental, window

The yellow in the resort window is even the exact same yellow as that bar that hangs down and then stops before hitting the ground. There are no horses at Mission Bay, but that’s probably for the best. When you walk around, you randomly get whiffs of horse smell. It’s not pleasant.


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