What kind of posts do people like?

May 9, 2008 at 11:53 am (question)

Here’s a request from all my buddies who use this blog to keep from being too bored and to see what I’m up to. What kind of posts do you like the most? So far, I’ve been writing whatever comes to mind. But if there are ones that are more entertaining or more useful or more interesting, I’m happy to adjust the balance of the types of posts that I write.

I’m actually asking because I was about to write a post (probably on the long side) about some conversations I had with scientists and people in industry about translating academic research into products that can be brought to market to improve public health and where to find funding for that. That’s where it would start and it would have covered some other ground like how law and the financial sector influence the academic/industry dynamic. And then following the path of the conversation I had with my advisor, it would have gone onto improving public health through exercise and education and then to agriculture and agribusiness and subsidies and government policies. And then eventually wind up in education. See, that would be a really long post. And there would be some punchline that I won’t reveal now. And even though I find all that interesting, maybe other people don’t. So that’s why I decided to find out what kind of posts people like before I write this huge manifesto.

Actually, while I wait for responses to this post, I’ll work on a post about some ice cream that I made for my cardamom colleague. You’ll see that soon.

Also, Simona, there’s a post coming up soon that will be about six random things.


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