I didn’t find myself on Flickr, but I found other good B2B costumes

May 20, 2008 at 6:35 am (costume, san francisco)

I really have been looking through photos on Flickr to find photos of myself running as scissors and Mark running with scissors. Actually, when I was running more slowly, Mark had to walk because of his long legs to stay with me, so often, he really was not running with scissors. But in looking through all of the photos, I found lots of interesting costumes that I didn’t see that day.

It seems like a lot of people pick something that comes in a set (scrabble pieces, billiard balls, lucky charms, etc) and then each person in the group dresses up like a different part of the set. And the other costume “strategy” is to take a pop culture person or character and dress up like that. And then of course there are the political statements. Most costumes were fairly entertaining, but a few stood out for me (clicking on the images will bring you to the Flickr or SF Chronicle source):


A Wheaties box. I saw other cereal boxes, but this one was particularly creative and well-done.

I’m just going to link to it because the original photo that I copied here was deleted. I’m concerned that this Flickr user didn’t like that I put a copy in my blog (even though I linked to the Flickr page). I do like his photo and I’d like to share it. Hopefully, just linking to it will be okay.


A box of donuts. Having all the donuts in a pink box really brings it to another level. If only they had been running…
Painters and their paintings. Good execution.



The distant future, the distant future… Flight of the Conchords


What’s that in the sky? Superdelegates! From my buddies at UCSF!


A group costume that is based on a movie. Really great idea and you’ll have to click on the link.


Another movie reference. Rollerblades of Glory.


There are some costumes that are pretty good, but they would be more awesome if people ran in these costumes. Here’s an example:


I’m a fan of cleverness so there were a few signs that were pretty clever. First, playing off of the usual B2B protesters holding signs saying that we’re all going to hell and all sorts of other protesters, the runner protesters:
These protesters may have been more effective if any of the runners had actually seen them! But we were way ahead of these “walkers.”


And of course, we also have some Olympics in China protesters:
You’re lucky I don’t find nakedness “clever.” You are all saved from the photos of the naked people.

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