Wheel…. Of…. Produce!

May 27, 2008 at 10:33 pm (food, politics, san francisco)

I’d like to buy a cherry.

If you’re trying to plan for meals that use local and in season produce, it helps to have an idea of what’s in season in your area. But I know I’ve lost touch with my farming roots (what farming roots, you ask? I’m sure I have some ancestors at some point who were involved in farming) and I don’t have a complete picture of how things grow and when they’re ready. But I’m getting better with the help of the SF Bay Area’s local foods wheel. It’s a literal wheel made from cardstock and you can spin the wheel to figure out what’s in season at any point in the year. I love mine and it’s worth the investment of $12 or so, I think. It also makes a great gift. I’m actually planning to give mine to someone when I leave the Bay Area (don’t worry, I’m keeping mine nice and pristine). I haven’t decided who I’ll give it to just yet, but if you’re interested, let me know! 🙂 Someone should enjoy it when I’m living far from California’s bountiful and fruitful and vegetableful harvests.

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The website also has all the information listed as text, but the wheel is a lot more fun with nice hand-drawn pictures of the different foods. And with the text version, it’s not easy to see which foods are in season at a given time during the year. The wheel is good for inspiration when I’m planning a menu or before I go shopping or to the farmers market.

For those of you outside of the Bay Area, there’s also Epicurious’ map. But it’s not as complete as the local foods wheel – California only has 9 things listed as being in season during May! But it’ll do until there are wheels are invented for everyone!


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  1. Cardamom Koala said,

    I would love to have a wheel of produce if I’m still in the Bay Area come Fall. It sounds really useful, as long as the raspberry juices haven’t spilled all over it. 🙂

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