Peach bread pudding

June 3, 2008 at 10:11 pm (dessert, food)

I love getting inspired by ingredients that I already have sitting around. It’s always fun to use up random bits and pieces of ingredients these dishes usually turn into my most yummy creations. But I usually do it with savory food. Tonight, I played with sweet ingredients and made an impromptu dessert.

I whisked together a couple of eggs, poured in some soy milk, added some sugar, vanilla, and freshly grated nutmeg. And then soaked some leftover sourdough bread that I had in this mixture. I diced some peaches and threw those in as well. I baked this up in some ramekins and wound up with a lovely peach bread pudding. I didn’t measure anything – it was all instinct and using up bits of what I had on hand, so there is no recipe to share. All I have to share is a photo and a little bit of bragging – the sweetness and flavors and textures came out just right!

peach bread pudding

Okay, so bread pudding isn’t that complicated to make. Plus, most of the ingredients were things that I have around all the time. So it’s not that special of a story. But it was still quick to make and really delicious to eat.


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  1. keepingnote said,

    ooo I didn’t know you can use soy milk for bread pudding…how cool!

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