What Gary ate in San Francisco

June 25, 2008 at 9:56 pm (food, friends, san francisco)

Afghan bread – bolani – and spreads from the Alemany farmers’ market (and you can see the pomelos in the background).  We froze one bread for him to take back to Boston.  I hope it went through okay.


Oatmeal (steel cut) with peaches and Straus (yummy!) milk.  Whole milk!

oatmeal and straus

Gary is now a Burma Superstar!

burma superstar

And finally, he finished off a few scoops of Bi-Rite ice cream. Gary’s showing how sad he is that the ice cream is gone.

ice cream is finished - sad

Those were all the yummy things.  We also had an adventure with strawberries.  Gary doesn’t like berries, but I thought that maybe eating a strawberry fresh from California instead of nasty East Coast berries could change his mind.  But he’s more stubborn with berries than he is with oatmeal and mangos and peaches and flossing.  I sliced a bunch of strawberries and picked the most delicious one for him to try.  These weren’t the best strawberries I’ve ever had, but they were up there.  This is how much he enjoyed it:

strawberries - yuck?

You should appreciate my honesty.  I could have posted a photo like this one and then reported how Gary now loves strawberries:

strawberries - yay!

But he’s pretty sharp and he probably would have found out about my scam, if I had attempted it.

I don\'t think so

Thanks for visiting and keeping me on my toes!


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