Yummiest pasta ever – Penne with cherries and morels

June 25, 2008 at 10:04 pm (food, recipes)

penne with cherries and morels

Not Tuan and An’s cat.  Penne pasta.  The sauce was actually the yummiest part.  Butter, garlic, morels, milk, flour for thickening, cherries, and a little manchego cheese.  We mopped it all up!  I love how the sauce turned purple.  Mmmmm, so delicious.  Morels are magic.

I also wound up making strawberry jam out of those frozen strawberries.  And ate a lot of PBJ sandwiches.  As I’m getting older, it’s good to have opportunities to make you feel young again!

pbj sandwich

I love Mark and Joshua and Katee on SYTYCD.  They make me smile.  And laugh.  And I love their dancing.


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  1. Who sleeps all night in a cake made of strawberry? « Babbling Blueberry said,

    […] velvet” cupcakes with white chocolate chips and whipped cream with a little bit of strawberry jam to stabilize […]

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