Bei jing, not Bei zhing

July 4, 2008 at 12:30 am (games, international, sports)

Why do people say “Bei zhing” and not “Bei jing?”  Not only does pronouncing Beijing as “Bei jing” make more sense because that’s how it’s spelled in the Romanized form, “Bei jing” actually sounds more like how Beijing natives pronounce the name of their city.  Where did this “Bei zhing” come from?

I love a good cheesy Olympics athlete story.  Dara Torres is 41 and competing to qualify for the Olympics, 24 years after her first trip to the LA Olympics in 1984.  Competing against people that could barely walk or who weren’t even born during her first Olympics trip.  She volunteers for urine and blood tests to prove that she is not doping.  And her times now are faster than her times from 24 years ago.  In fact, she set her personal best tonight in the semifinals of the 100 M freestyle race, qualifying for the finals in 2nd place.  That’s spectacularly amazing.

From a NYTimes article from Nov 07:


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