Random Thing #3 – Some stats about me

July 24, 2008 at 7:52 pm (random)

I read all my blogs through Google Reader.  It’s quite handy.  And it means that I don’t have to keep checking lots of different blogs to see if they’re updated.  They also give you stats on your reading habits.

I guess I hit mid-morning and mid-afternoon lulls in my work.  I usually hit the gym around 4-6 pm.  I’m not sure why there are weird spikes in the evening.  It might be because if I’m watching TV, I’ll usually be browsing blogs at the same time?  You can also tell when I get up and/or start working.  The 5 am ones are probably from when I’m on the east coast or when I’m jetlagged from coming back from the east coast.

Here’s my goal.  I’m going to really hunker down in the next couple of months to pound out this thesis thing.  I’m planning to only read blogs after dinner.  So I’ll post an updated histogram after I turn in my thesis and you’ll be able to see whether I’ve done this.  I need some accountability.


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