Olympics Overload!

August 18, 2008 at 10:27 pm (sports)

My parents used to disconnect the TV antenna because they didn’t want us to watch TV.  But during the Olympics, they always reconnected it.  I guess they wanted us to see people working hard and sacrificing and trying to reach a high goal and be the best so that we would do the same.  Well, I didn’t become an Olympics-level athlete, but I think I do all those other things.  But now they’re worried that I’m sacrificing too much for my goals… maybe I should make them watch all the stories of the Olympics parents!  And make my parents see other parents letting their kids work hard and sacrifice!

They got so much out of Michael Phelps’ mother and getting her reactions to her son’s races. But now, I think they’re going overboard with the shots of the mothers.  Most of them are not as fun and excitable as Mama Phelps.  Actually, they just showed Nastia Liukin’s mother – that was cute – she was twisting and turning and tightening along with her daughter.  I still stand by my claim that most mother shots are not that interesting.  But here’s my biggest issue: they’re not showing any fathers.  Other than Liukin’s father/coach.  Do fathers not have interesting reactions?  Or does NBC not think fathers are worth filming?  Or are the father’s not there?  Or are the Beijing Olympics like the opposite of Disney/Pixar movie-land where the mothers are all absent or die?  But then again, Bela Karolyi’s reactions may make up for the lack of paternal reactions.

Why do you need a tiebreaker for gymnastics?  It’s arbitrary and contrived.

Cheesiest NBC Olympics announcer – Al Trautwig.  That’s my vote.  He needs to lay off the pizzas and the quesadillas and the string cheeses.  I dare you to try to come up with a cheesier Olympics announcer!

China designated “official protest areas.”  Then people who want to protest have to apply to the government to protest.  Many people have applied to protest.  No one has been granted permission.  And several protest applicants have either been detained or have disappeared mysteriously.  That’s quite the trap that China has set up, if that’s what they’re doing.  Link to the NYTimes article about it.


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