Dr. Chiang Goes to Washington

September 21, 2008 at 6:18 am (travel)

I’m on the east coast.  In DC specifically.  Here’s proof:

The skies on the east coast are so much more exciting compared to the west coast.  Plus, I kinda like how the clouds are only on one side of the Capitol… What does that mean…  Here’s an aerial view.  Of a scale model:

Here’s something else that’s different out here in the nation’s capitol.  I had to go to the ER.  (Don’t worry, everything’s okay!  That’s a story for another day, maybe.)  I signed in with my name and sat down in the waiting room.  I noticed that the triage nurses would come out and call people’s names and look around the room to see who responded.  When it was my turn, the nurse came out, looked directly at me, and called my name.  I feel so special!  Actually, it’s just there are very few Asians around here, and I was definitely the only one in the waiting room.

Another story for the ER:  You know how you have to wait around for a long time in the ER, once you get out of the waiting room?  Here, they have nurses coming around to offer free HIV testing.  While you wait.  So no extra time and no extra cost to any of the patients.  And they test your saliva, so it’s easy to get samples.  Very smart thing to do.

More things that are different in DC compared to SF:  The statues are really statues.  I saw the guy below on a sidewalk.  There were some people taking pictures of him and with him.  I kept expecting his mouth to start whirring and for him to make robotic movements, like all the silver guys that you see on the sidewalks in SF.  Then I thought, wow, this guy is pretty good at being like a statue.  No, he’s actually a statue.  Unless he really fooled me!

I love the free museums!  It means that I can go in and out and I don’t have to worry about getting my money’s worth!  Museums are much more fun that way.  So far, I’ve gone to half of the Natural History Museum – and I can go visit the other half any time that I want!  And here’s a photo of the Nat’l Building Museum.  The building was pretty interesting.  Very over-dramatic, with an odd mismatching roof.  Their exhibits were okay (Da, you might like it), but the exhibits took up less than 10% of the space in the museum.

Mark’s doing a fellowship at the National Academies.  Here’s a photo of a quote on the side of the building:


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  1. Mark Peterson said,

    That trick with HIV testing in the ER is a good one. I recently attended a workshop on water, sanitation, and hygiene, and one of the challenges that people spoke of was convincing people to adopt good hygiene practices. One of the successfully techniques in Africa that they highlighted was giving people free soap and a mini-lesson about how and why to use it for hand washing while people were waiting for their HIV test results (which, in this case, was what motivated them to show up in the first place). Piggy-backing. I like it.

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