Smells and tastes of NYC

October 8, 2008 at 1:56 pm (food, new york city)

Wow, this is quite a stinky city!  There’s a new smell that hits my nose every few steps.  Some are good.  Some are bad.  Some are very bad.  Most are just odd.  It’s really weird that these smells are all very distinct rather than all mixing together.  I think that means that the smell-producing agents are going constantly.

I did my first Central Park run today.  It was quite lovely, but it’s really disorienting.  The paths are all wiggly and intertwined.  I lost my bearings in the middle of the run, so I had to exit the park to see where I was.  Now I’ve learned to orient myself with the buildings that I can see surrounding the park.  I think that once the buildings start looking more familiar, I’ll get better at finding my way around in the park.

Most of the other runners that I saw were running on the main paths that the horse-drawn carriages and cars take.  I don’t know how they do it!  Anytime you go anywhere near the carriages, there’s a huge horse stink!  I couldn’t run on the same path as those stinky creatures.  I’d rather deal with the slow strolling pedestrians and tourists.  Maybe these runners are in better shape than me and they don’t have to breathe while they run.  I hear some clop-clopping outside the window now!  They’re everywhere!

So are the dogs.  That’s maybe one reason why this city is so stinky.

I had a $1 slice of pizza yesterday.  Not the best pizza in the world, but pretty good for $1.  And, even in these tough $ times, there’s more to eat with $1 – I’m excited to try them all out!  Maybe that makes up for all the various stinks.


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