East Coast vs. West Coast Round 1 – Scallion pancakes

October 10, 2008 at 2:08 pm (food, new york city, restaurants, review)

I went to Evergreen Shanghai (menu), a restaurant in Murray Hill today.  It was just for a snack, so I got some xiao long bao and some scallion pancakes.  The xiao long bao were so so.  Skin was too thick, the filling had too much sesame oil, and the soup just wasn’t so great.  They were good.  But they were quite far from the best ones that I have had.

But the scallion pancakes!  I guess I’ve been on the West Coast for so long that I’ve forgotten how delicious the scallion pancakes of my childhood were.  The ones on the West Coast are more like crackers and they’re crispy.  And you don’t taste much scallion.  The ones that I had today were full of tasty (properly salted) scallions.  And so doughy!  Chewy and firm on the inside, but still tender.  And golden and crispy on the outside.  And when I bit into them, I had these flashes of the scallion pancakes of my childhood… like the critic in Ratatouille.  The scallion pancakes have said, welcome back!

EC: 1
WC: 0


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