New York City vs. San Francisco Rounds 3 and 4: Geography nomenclature and Crossing streets

October 14, 2008 at 5:50 pm (new york city, random, san francisco)

Round 3: Geography nomenclature

I grew up in New York and when I’d say that I’m from New York, people would assume New York City.  Then I’d have to explain that it’s the state of New York.  What really bugs me is when (not all, but many) people from the city of New York then say, “Oh, you didn’t grow up in New York.  That’s not New York.”  Using a very arrogant tone of voice.  Self-centered, obnoxious jerks!  Now, I say that I grew up near/outside of New York City, but that doesn’t stop the jerks from pointing out their views on what’s New York and what’s not and what’s better and what’s worse.  It’s not attractive you tell other people how you think you are superior!  Don’t even get me started on the issue of what’s “upstate” and what’s not.

It’s much easier in SF and the Bay Area.  There’s SF.  There’s Bay Area.  There’s no confusion about it, I think.  And no one uses these distinctions to put people down.

NYC: 1
SF: 2

Round 4: Crossing streets

In NYC, everyone jaywalks.  No one waits for the pedestrian light to change to the white walking man.  As soon as there’s a break in the traffic, they go.  You always have to be alert – it’s quite stressful.  I would prefer to just chill out and relax and let my mind wander at the intersections and just go when the light changes.  Along with everyone else.  I can’t do that here.  I’ll look stupid – in fact, I’ll get dirty looks for blocking their path.  So even though I would prefer the relaxed way, I’ve resigned myself to being constantly alert and stressed.  But I don’t like it!

Maybe eventually, I can learn to be alert and relaxed at the same time.  But given how everyone else looks so stressed, I don’t think that possibility is very likely.

NYC: 1
SF: 3

You might be thinking that I’m picking the rounds in a biased way.  Maybe.  I don’t really want to spend the effort to think about it.  I’ll just use (what I think are) interesting stories.


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