Happy Gingerbread House Season!

December 8, 2008 at 6:35 pm (architecture, cooking, dessert, food, new york city)

Wow, NYC is really into the whole holiday spirit thing.  They mean business here. Huge light displays sucking up electricity everywhere, chopping down big trees.  NYC might be the most Christmas-y place in the world, or at least for the modern consumerism Christmas.  I’m torn about it… stuff makes me grouchy.  And crowds make me grouchier.  By the way, don’t go near Rockefeller Center in December.  If you are going from point A to point B and the shortest path goes through Rockefeller Center, don’t do it.  You’ll run into a bunch of people who don’t move because they don’t have room AND they don’t know where they’re going.  It’s easier if you make a big loop around it.  So that all sounds bad, but a lot of the decorations are quite pretty.  Sparkly lights are appealing.  And at least some places use LED lights.

Sign says "No Standing" but it was so crowded that standing was the only option.

Sign says "No Standing" but it was so crowded that standing was the only option.

My sister and I tried to see the tree on the night of the lighting.  We figured we had nothing better to do so we might as well go.  Spectacular mistake.  They had the sidewalks blocked off and you couldn’t go directly to Rockefeller Plaza.  There was some secret way, but we never figured it out and no one would say.  We just kept running into dead ends.  I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

The one thing that I’m least conflicted about is gingerbread houses!  I haven’t made one this year.  Yet.  But I thought I’d reminisce about the Gingerbread House of Christmas Past.  Made by me and my sister Da.  I’m the baker.  She’s the structural engineer.

Eco-gingerbread house

Eco-gingerbread house

Yes, those are solar panels.  And a living roof… we had this baby before the California Academy of Sciences.  And a gingerbread Prius.

Back of the eco-gingerbread house

Back of the eco-gingerbread house

The full album (includes photos of the planning and construction stages)

If NYC’s Christmas is way more Christmas-y than SF’s Christmas, does that mean I have to make a way more Christmas-y gingerbread house?


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