The city in Legos

February 3, 2009 at 3:43 pm (new york city, random)

This is a Lego version of what my life is like now.  At least the things that I see now.

I recommend checking out all the photos, but here are my favorites:

I was just wondering about the subway seats this morning.  The orange and red are actually pretty similar in color.  So it was really hard to tell if they were the same or different on the real subways.  I came to the conclusion that they’re different.  I guess the NYC Lego guy agrees.  Also, this is exactly what Manhattan looks like.  I live in the column of dots on the right side, and I’m near the 5th dot from the top.

Ha ha, this one is just very amusing.

Substitute “woman” for “man” and this is how I spend much of my time waiting for the subway.  In my version of this scene, I’m also looking around at the other people waiting on the platform, wondering why they’re not seeing the rodent, and wondering why they don’t look completely grossed out by it.  But maybe they accept that man and nature must live in harmony, which means we have to share the subway.  Maybe I’ll get to that level of acceptance sometime.


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