New York City vs. San Francisco Round 9: A life update

March 2, 2009 at 8:52 am (new york city)

The previous comparisons between NYC and SF have been more about sharing observations and opinions.  But I thought people might be curious about how we’re holding up with our lives.  So this round is more about how we’re doing.

We’re pretty adaptable so we’re adjusting to life in NYC.  For example, it’s a lot colder here so we’re wearing more clothes to compensate.  Actually, I probably spend more time being too warm here because you bundle up to go outside, but if you’re inside a grocery store or something, it’s too hard to hold your coat while you grab groceries, so you keep your coat on inside and then overheat.  Plus, if you’re wearing a hat, your hair doesn’t look very good after you take the hat off, so you have a tendency to leave it on indoors.  I guess this is turning into a post about observations opinions.  I can’t help it.

Mark’s been working for about a month now and he’s doing well.  He gets to travel to exotic and romantic places for work, but they’ve been keeping him busy with work.  But at least he gets to do his work in exotic and romantic places.

My various gigs are going well.  My students (who are actually teachers or teachers-in-training so the terminology gets really confusing) are great.  And doing research in science education has been a great learning experience.  The terminology there can get confusing too.  I’m learning to do research about teaching and learning and about teaching teachers to help their students learn.  Got that?

And if you haven’t heard, Mark and I are betrothed/engaged/planning to get married.  So our official relationship status has changed, but we’re still us.

In Ireland w/ the personalized tree stump that the leprechauns prepared for us

In Ireland w/ the personalized tree stump that the leprechauns prepared for us

The summary is that our lives are progressing and we’re learning new things.  But we were also progressing and learning new things when we were in San Francisco.  So you can’t really compare and the score is unchanged.

NYC: 3
SF: 5



  1. Simona said,

    I am glad to know you are both doing well in your career. I’d be curious to know what are the exotic and romantic places Mark is going to.
    Congratulations on the change of “official relationship status”!
    Do you already have an estimated date for the next change?
    Hope you are doing ok with all the snow.

  2. twzl said,

    Is there a fianceed status in facebook? These things aren’t official till that status thing changes on the book o’ faces.

    • babblingblueberry said,

      I’ve avoided putting any relationship status in Facebook so far, so I think it’ll stay that way. I’ve got issues with that… it’s weird to “announce” things that way. I’m also afraid that it’ll feel like bragging (not that I don’t have lots to brag about, but still, maybe it could be off-putting to some people). And if update the relationship status, I have to use their terminology, not my terminology with my definitions and meanings. Maybe I’m crazy, but if I just keep the relationship status blank, I’ll at least be consistent.

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