All the good stuff is coming!

May 28, 2009 at 3:44 pm (dessert, food, new york city)

Cupcake truck! It debuts on June 3!  I don’t actually like cupcakes all that much.  I like making them.  And I like the idea of them.  And I love the idea that there’s a cupcake truck!

The Union Square Greenmarket is finally showing some spring goodies!  Winter is over!  And the first (albeit expensive) strawberries are showing up!  I know you guys out in California will mock me for rejoicing over leeks and peashoots, which you have had for months now!  But you have to imagine half a year of just onions and apples!

And Mark’s coming home from Paris soon!  Just in time for summery BLTs and tomato-bread salads!



  1. Randa said,

    !!! how about you make them. and then i’ll eat them!

  2. anhtuan said,


  3. babblingblueberry said,

    Hey! I used three periods! Three!

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