Delicious form and function…

July 29, 2009 at 1:41 pm (ceramics, food, random)

… a.k.a. structure and function, for those of you who are in the protein biology, computational biology world.

Check out this pho bowl.  It’s so smart and beautiful and efficient and functional!

I’m not doing ceramics these days, but seeing this makes me want to do it again.  Even though I don’t have the skills or patience to throw something like this.


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Colorful adventures in wedding dress shopping

July 13, 2009 at 12:22 pm (wedding)

We’ve made our first appointments to look at wedding dresses.  One place is a non-profit shop that sells donated dresses and the proceeds to go to supporting education in New York City.  I’m not sure what type of education.  I’ll have to find out.  Given that this is NYC, there is a wide range of types of education.  And some types need more help then others.  Oh, I’m glad that I checked more thoroughly on the website – they actually say that they support a charter school in Brooklyn.  That’ll do.  I’m not sure what they’ll have in their store this weekend, but I figured that it’s worth checking out.

The other place is a bridesmaid dress shop that was recommended by my friend, a soon-to-be bride.  When I called this place, I mentioned that I was looking for bridesmaid dresses to use as a wedding dress.  They were super friendly and suggested that I check out some designers that have “bridal alternatives.”  Suspecting that they didn’t fully understand what I had in mind, I told them that I was looking for non-white dresses.  The woman on the phone said, “Oh, I’m glad you told me.  Like dresses in champagne?”  Ha ha!  We’re not sure where the dress will fall on the color spectrum, could be white, could be champagne, could be colorful.  We’d like to consider all colors at this point (well, maybe only colors that are flattering to me).

Reminds me of a conversation that MP had a few weeks ago.  I wasn’t there, so I might be getting some of the details wrong.  Some new acquaintances were asking him about wedding plans and he mentioned that I was thinking about a non-white dress.  One woman said something like, “Oh, I did that too!  My dress was ivory!”

But in the wedding world, at least for wedding dresses, words relating to color seem to have a different meanings.  I’m going to have to develop my vocabulary for describing colors that I currently categorize as white!

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First photos from new camera

July 6, 2009 at 1:00 pm (photography)

Dried flower puffs

Dried flower puffs

Da laughing with her tongue sticking out

Da laughing with her tongue sticking out

I’m still learning and figuring things out, but so far, I’m finding that using my new toy is very liberating!

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