It’s Gingertime!

December 11, 2009 at 1:08 pm (cooking, dessert)

Not an eco-gingerbread house.  That’s already been done.  And it’s not a gingerbread partridge in a gingerbread gingerpear tree.  I wish I could say I did that.  Not Martha did it.  It’s gorgeous!  The tree is two pieces, the partridge is another piece, and all the pears are little cookies.

This year we’re expanding the scale – it’s going to be a gingerbread house party!  The massive amounts of dough are ready to be rolled out.  And soon they will be made into lovely decorated houses.  And whatever else people are inspired to do.  I hope it goes well… there’s the potential for gingerdisaster.  Will post photos of the results!


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