Does this guy remind you of anyone?

February 18, 2010 at 9:55 pm (question, random)

They say that it’s Jeremy Abbott, and Mark has been in NYC all week, so I guess that means Mark’s not secretly the U.S. national champion in figure skating.

This week has been busy – trying to balance crazy research times with preparing for interviews (yay! and yikes!  More on that if things turn out well.).  And at the same time, I’m trying to squeeze in some Winter Olympics.   My father, or actually, just his rear end, fell through a ceiling so that we could watch the Olympics.  That’s how you know watching the Olympics is really important.

While we’re on the subject of Mark’s doppelgangers, I did some Google image searching.

Some guy in Provincetown suggested Ron Howard.  But he was quick to point out that he was talking about a young Ron Howard.  I didn’t see it at first, but then I looked up some photos:

This is Juanita’s suggestion: Peter Krause, who was in Sports Night, Six Feet Under, and Dirty Sexy Money.  I’ve never seen any of these shows.  She claims that he sounds like Mark too.  I think the hat in this photo helps:

Mark has also heard JFK, not sure from whom.  Probably some female with some romantic interest in Mark.

There’s also some guy walking behind Musharraf on the campus of Brown.  This is from the alumni magazine.  In addition to having the right hair, face shape, nose, chin and jaw, he’s got the walk and posture down perfectly:

Note about photo selection methodology: Except for the guy walking behind Musharraf, I looked at a bunch of photos of each person and picked the photo that showed the highest level of resemblance to our dear study subject.



  1. andarling said,

    Um how did you enter this search in the google machine?

    • babblingblueberry said,

      It’d be cool if google could do that! But I actually just did google image searches starting from a list of people who have been named as being doppelgangers.

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