Capsule Ryokan

July 15, 2010 at 4:15 pm (Uncategorized)

Doesn’t that name just seem to capture everything traditional and modern and efficient about Japan? (ryokan means inn) That’s where we’ve been staying in Kyoto. The rooms are small by American standards but I think of it as efficient. There are tatami mats in a raised platform with storage inside the platform (see photo, pardon the mess. Mark is rearranging his stuff). The bedding folds away. And there’s a shower pod and a toilet pod (see photos). The shower pod is actually one of the nicest showers that we’ve used. And it’s nice and compact.

To complete what sounds like a lodging rec, the price and location are great. And the staff us super nice. And they put together a nice info binder. One for each room! And there are 2 computers for free Internet and there’s wifi too.



  1. TP said,

    What do all the toilet seat buttons do?
    Sweet Kindle!

  2. babblingblueberry said,

    You can wash your tush and control how far forward or backward it washes you. I think you can control the temperature of the water. I’ve seen toilets where you can make a flushing sound to cover other noises. And there are buttons for odor control. Plus, they often have special slippers for you to use just for the toilet. So you don’t get your regular slippers dirty.

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