Japan is a low-ceilinged land

July 15, 2010 at 11:03 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s like the whole country is working together to make sure Mark’s head is full of bumps and bruises. (see photo 1)

We’re waiting out the rain in the Nishiki food market in Kyoto. Sitting across the way from a pickle shop. (photo 2) We couldn’t go watch the cormorant fishing because of the swollen rivers rivers and heavy rains. And we had planned to walk around the Gion district but the huge downpour is putting that on hold. At least we have easy access to mochi and pickled vegetables and soy milk donuts. (photo 3) And I’m happy to report that we have found a lovely umbrella. It’s going to be hard to bring it on the rest of our travels. But it was so beautiful that we couldn’t leave it.



  1. TP said,

    These photos are funny. Just upload your iphone photos and then update the pictures later when you hit up the wifi!

  2. babblingblueberry said,

    Real photos won’t be uploaded until we get back to the US. Hopefully photos uploaded through the iphone wordpress app will have to do for a few weeks.

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