Good eating day

July 19, 2010 at 6:56 pm (travel)

White peaches from Okayama

Giant octupus grilled tepanyaki style. Before they cooked the octupus, they held up the giant octopus, still alive and squirming, for us to select a tentacle. I was definitely taken aback and not sure about whether we had made a good choice.  But given language difficulties, it was too late to turn back.  Not having much experience selecting giant octopus tentacles, we went with whatever they wanted to give us. It turned out to be quite delicious. And definitely fresh.

Tempura shrimp with lotus root. What are you imagining? Some shrimp fried in batter with some lotus root on the side? It was actually lotus root stuffed with shrimp and some sort of leaf. And that was then battered and fried. Yum.

Peach mochi. And because you can never have enough mochi, we had some cherry blossom and plum mochi.



  1. Annika said,

    What did the food taste like? I miss you. I hope you move here soon.

    • babblingblueberry said,

      The food was very delicious. And very pretty! It was too bad that it was so expensive!

      We will move to DC very soon, so we will see you all soon! We’re excited to be your neighbors!

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